Every year, people get eager for the arrival of autumn. The long, hot days of summer are over and – while we have the amazing memories of holidays we’ve been on, and time spent with loved ones – it’s always an exciting time when the thick jumpers come out and fires are lit. At Snappy Snaps, we’re no different. We love autumn and, as far as we’re concerned, it’s one of the most photogenic seasons of the year. We want to help you make the most of autumn, in all its vivid-coloured glory – so we’ve put together the ultimate guide of moments to capture in the lead-up to winter.
Pumpkins with carved faces will soon be appearing everywhere for Halloween, so now’s the time to get creative with your photos. You could try sticking to a colour theme, such as oranges, green, purple and black – or set a scene using spooky decorations. Pumpkin picking is a great activity for friends and family, and there’s a lot of fun to be had snapping away at rows and rows of orange gourds. Play around with the focus and portrait mode on your phone’s camera, or challenge a friend to see how many pumpkins they hold at one time and snap the results! When it comes to 31st October itself, make the most of trick or treating by lining up your spooky companions, complete with costumes and face-paint, and capture the scary gang. When you’re out and about, remember it’ll be dark so use the eerie glow of street lights for an even creepier feeling to your photos.

Bonfire Night
Fireworks are always fun to watch, but they can be hard to capture with a camera. If you’re able to, try using a long exposure setting to snap people playing with sparklers, or colourful explosions in the sky. To get the perfect sparkler shot, you’ll want to bring along a tripod – or rest your phone on something still and steady. Some smartphones don’t have a long exposure setting, but there are apps you can download to help you do this. Set up your timer, then ask your friends to get creative! Draw faces, write words or make shapes with sparklers – just remember to be safe and wear gloves. The bonfire itself is a great photography feature. Without getting too close, see if you can use the light from the fire to create a warm glow over the faces of friends and family – or get them to stand between you and the fire, and capture some great silhouettes.

Remembrance Sunday
It’s an important day in the UK’s calendar, and can be a good chance to snap some heartfelt photos. Whether your children are taking part in a wreath-laying or your local memorial service brings together impressive military displays, Remembrance Sunday has opportunities for making poignant memories. See if you can capture the scarlet red poppy wreaths, or a military troop paying their respects. Remember though, always be respectful with your camera and try not to interrupt any moments of silence.

Getting out and about
Without a doubt, autumn is one of the best months for getting outside and taking long walks with friends and family – especially if you have a four-legged pal to bring along, too! Make sure to look around you on your walk for the small details, such as especially crunchy leaves, woolly hats and pink cheeks on the smaller walkers in your group, or the sun shining through a tree of golden leaves.

Print and share your memories
Don’t let the fun end once you’ve captured your photos! Print your snaps to display at home and keep the memories going, or create a stunning photo gift for someone you enjoyed spending time with through autumn.

We’d love to see your autumnal photos of the next few months – don’t forget to share them with us on Twitter or Instagram.