Guest Blog by Jenn McCambridge- And The Beat Goes

There is never enough I can do for my mum. When it comes to Mother’s Day, I never quite know where to start with how to celebrate her. There’s nothing I could do to repay her for everything she has done and does for me.

As a family, we are a tight-knit bunch. My mum has given my brother and I the world, despite growing up as a single parent. She sacrificed a lot of things for us, even as adults she’s always there if we need us.

To me, Mother’s Day isn’t the only day to celebrate mums. I know not everyone has their mum around, and I couldn’t imagine a world without mine

My Mummy

Meet Sandy, she’s smart, witty, caring and wise. As well as being a mum she is also a grandma to my three beautiful nieces. The last few years have been full of ups and downs, especially since my beloved (step)dad passed away two years ago. This has led to a new life for my mum and over time she has become stronger. My mum is fiercely independent, she loves discovering new things and will often travel round on her own. She loves a good pamper, good food, history and laughing.

My mum isn’t just my mum but she’s my bestie, my confidant, my everything. Like I mentioned earlier, we’re close. As I’ve grown older I see the woman she is, and the woman I admit I’m turning into – yes I’m turning into my mum! It’s a funny concept, but I do sometimes think to myself, WWMD (what would mum do), I also find myself saying the exact words she says.

A while ago I wrote a letter to my mum, as part of a gratitude challenge I was undertaking. It was a hard thing to write, but I am glad I did it.

So anyhow, we’re talking about Mother’s Day. When it comes to treating my mum, she prefers simple pleasures – experiences over spending a fortune. She is one of those people who does have everything. She loves flowers, days out, spa time and laughing.

An ideal day for her would probably be visiting a National Trust property or going to the seaside.  Mooching around, having food and hopefully with the sun shining!

My Mum and Me

This year I have racked my brain trying to work out what to get her, so when I was approached by Snappy Snaps for a gift opportunity I knew exactly what to do! The one thing my mum doesn’t have is a family picture.

Kindly gifted to me from Snappy Snaps, was a framed family photo, which I think is perfect for my mum. The print came beautifully gift wrapped with a name card, it seemed such a shame to open it in order to check the quality!

All Wrapped Up

I have to say having ordered prints from other companies, this print is perfect there’s no bleeding of colours or over-sharpening. It’s pretty perfect and framed off beautifully in a white frame. I have no doubt it will make the perfect gift, the image itself is from two years ago. We took a family holiday, not long after my (step)dad passed away, the holiday itself was lovely. As a family, we discovered Norfolk coast and this picture summarises the holiday, full of smiles and memories.

Would I order from Snappy Snaps again? Yes, this is a great quality and I’m impressed as it doesn’t feel flimsy.

Snappy Snaps don’t just do photos, they have a wide range of printed personalised gift options. The gift range includes personalised mugs, framed prints, calendars and even cushions – I’m tempted with the cushions as they could be so much fun for gifts, not just for me but for friends too.

I am also planning to order some photo prints, I have so many photos on my camera/phone it seems a shame not to display them!

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