With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start planning for the most wonderful time of the year.

Planning ahead is the best way to save money, headaches and even your sanity!

I bet your family have already started asking questions like “What time is dinner?”, “What time is everyone coming?”, “What are you getting for so-and-so?”. If you leave everything till the last minute, you could find yourself stressed out, unhappy, panicking and not looking forward to the festive period.

Let’s Start Prepping!

Work Out A Budget

Before you can start anything you need to set your budget. Involve everything including gifts, food, Christmas cards, decorations, days out and even the cheesy Christmas jumper. Write down what you need and where from, to stop any unnecessary spends closer to the big day. 

Start Filling In Your Calendar 

The festive period can be extremely busy and make you forget certain things. Start filling in your calendar to avoid missing out on anything and double booking. The more organised you are now, the easier and the better your Christmas will be. Looking for a calendar to start off the new year? Take a look online or at your local Snappy store.


Who’s Coming?

Figure out who’s hosting and what time everyone is coming. This will help you keep on track of the day to day tasks. If people need to stay over, organise it early so you can start accommodating for extra guests, things like, spare beds, pillows, blankets and deciding where everyone will be sleeping. 

Send Out The Invites!

It’s never too early to send out the invitations, let your loved ones know you are hosting and need to know who’s coming. Already know the Christmas menu? Add it in, therefore if there are any complications, guests can let you know sooner rather than later. We have plenty of cards on our Snappy website or your local store! 


It’s Present Time!

Not everyone can be organised as the shoppers who buy their presents in the sales from the previous years. Starting now will still put you ahead of 90% of the population and don’t forget about the Black Friday Sales! The perfect opportunity to get some shopping done. Take your time and write down everything you need and who for and this will definitely reduce your stress levels towards Christmas. 


Check Royal Mail Times

Sending out Christmas cards and presents can be a bit stressful, wondering if they are going to be delivered in time. Buy your stamps now and get them sent out. Let everyone know their cards and presents are going to arrive early and to put them away until December 25th! Check the Royal Mail delivery times and get everything out before the rush!


We have plenty of cards and gifts at Snappy Snaps to get a start on your Christmas shopping. Go online or visit your local store to find out more!