Snap Your Surprise Reactions and win £500!

The best bit of any surprise is always the reaction! This festive season, we’re giving you the chance to win the holiday of a lifetime with our #SnappySurprises competition. To get you ready for capturing the reactions of your loved ones, we’ve come up with some suggestions for surprises to be remembered.

The laugh-out-loud reaction
Every group of friends has in-jokes: those things that no one else but you would understand, or those moments you really had to be there for.

Keep the laughs going with your mates by personalising a mug or t-shirt with a phrase or photo - then watch their face as they unwrap an unexpectedly hilarious gift! Don’t forget to photograph or film their reaction to enter our #SnappySurprises competition.

The reunion reaction
Throughout the year, it’s easy to lose touch with people if you don’t get to see them often. Everyone who’s ever watched Love Actually will know that airport arrivals halls are the place for emotional reunions. If you’re on your way to meet someone - family who live in another country, or a relative that’s been travelling for months, maybe - make sure to snap the moment when they walk through the doors and see their loved ones waiting for them.

The ‘I can’t believe you remembered’ reaction
Listen up, people in couples: if you haven’t done it already, now is the time to start making a note of all the subtle hints your partner drops about what they’d like for Christmas. If you’ve been really clever this year, maybe you’re planning on getting them something they mentioned a while ago - something they’d really like but couldn’t justify buying for themselves. This Christmas, show exactly how well you know them with the perfect gift that’ll show them how thoughtful you are.

Enter for your chance to win 
Once you’ve taken your perfect reaction shot, or filmed a reaction video that’s bound to make you go viral, it’s time to share it for your chance to win a holiday in 2019.  You can find the competition details here, and don’t forget to submit your entry by 21 December*. Good luck, and happy gifting!

*Ts & Cs apply.