Christmas is coming fast, so hopefully, you’re all prepped and ready! If you are prepared and ready to sit down and enjoy the festive period. Carry on reading with some fun thing to do with the whole family, while counting down to the big day. 


Get Cosy And Watch A Christmas Film

It’s A Wonderful Life, The Santa Claus, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf, The Holiday are all fantastic holiday films that you have to add to your watch list this December.


Decorate Your House

I hope everyone has their decoration up by now, but just in case, get decorating! If you’ve spent a lot of presents, don’t worry because supermarkets have a beautiful range of decoration at reasonable prices. 


Beat The Cold With A Warm Drink

When you get home from the freezing cold, the best way to warm up is with a hot holiday drink! The classics like hot chocolate and mulled wine, apple cider or a gingerbread latte are perfect for a cold winter day. 


Drive Around And Look At Christmas Lights

This has always been a childhood tradition for me and my family. Enjoy how beautiful your neighbourhood looks and decide which houses are your favourites. 


Visit Santa

Santa is a very busy man this time of year, but somehow he still has time to come and visit the little girls and boys. Take your children to see Santa at his grotto and watch their faces light up as they tell him what they want for Christmas. 


Bake Cookies

Spend afternoon baking cookies for Santa (that we all eat anyway.) Try different recipes and make loads of your favourites. They’re great to gift for neighbours or take into your workplace for a little bit of festive cheer. 


Do A Secret Santa Exchange With Your Friends

Grab your friends or your colleagues and pick names out of a hat. Set a budget and go shopping! You can either go the sentimental gift route or the joke gift route. 


Go See A Pantomime 

Whether you go to your child’s school play or to the city theatre, there are a lot of holiday productions taking the stage. It always feels good to support local productions.

Send Some Christmas Cards

Everyone loves holiday greetings, so spread the cheer!  Don’t feel like you have to buy cards from the store, you can make them. It’s much cheaper and more personal – and your friends will hang on to them forever!


Go Ice Skating

Whether you’re in London or just that ice rink where your local hockey team practices, ice-skating around the holidays just feels right. Grab a big group of friends and laugh the night away, or make it a festive date with that special someone. 


Don’t forget to take loads of festive photos and turn them into personalised gifts this Christmas! Go online or in-store to start creating today!

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