Do you have too many photos that you don’t know what to do with them? 

Here’s some inspiration for you and how you can creatively display your photo prints!


Printed out some photos and want to display them different to other people? Purchase a nice book with blank pages. Stick your photos in the book writing messages or words next to them that remind you of that memory! There is no correct way for you to do this, you can let your imagination run wild! 

Fairy Lights

This is a really cute way to show off your prints to anyone. Buy some fairy lights and some little pegs and clip your photographs in between the lights. Be careful though, make sure the photos aren't touching the light bulbs themselves! You can then hang them in your bedroom, living room or anywhere you’d like really!


DIY Photo Holders

Ready for a fun-filled day with crafts? This is a great way to spend your day either by yourself, with your partner or even the kids! All you need is some Pretty rocks, some sturdy wire and your photographs! Tie the wire around the rocks and stand the wire straight up. At the end of the wire that isn't tied create a spiral so that your photos can sit comfortably in the wire stand! Such a cute and creative way to display your photos. If you want to make them more personal, use rocks from the beach from holiday or even your back garden and paint any pattern you’d like on them!

Reuse Old Frames or New Frames 

Another way to show off your prints and also clear out some old things is to reuse old frames. Want to swap around some photos? Use your old frames to display new photographs in your home. Alternately, if you didn't have any old frames, here at Snappy Snaps we have a variety of ready-made photo frames available in all different sizes and styles to purchase right off the shelf!

Photo Albums

This last one is probably the most classic way to show off your photos. This can be used as a keepsake or give as a gift. All you need to do is buy a photo album that you love or that you think someone else would love. Once you have printed your photos out with Snappy Snaps you can display your photos in an order you want in your photo album.


Go online or visit your local store to print your photos from your camera or even your smartphone. From gloss to matt finishes and various sizes and styles, it’s never been easier to get them printed. 

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