Christmas time is here once again, and it is time to dig out the decorations and start making your home look festive. Every year you will find some old tinsel or baubles that have seen better days and could do with replacing. In this guide to different ways you can use photo prints to decorate your home for Christmas, we are going to look at some innovative ways that you can make personalised family Christmas decorations that will last for years, and give your home’s Christmas decorations a refresh while adding that sentimental touch. We’ll even tell you how to make Christmas decorations for the tree!

Bring a Christmas Past Back to Life

If you want a new look for your home this Christmas, why not make some Christmas decorations from some photos from your previous Yuletide celebrations.

Have a look through your photos from last year, and the years before, and get some professional-quality photo prints to use to decorate your home. These can be a lot of fun and can help people get into the spirit of the season. Kids also love this idea, as they can relive the joy of getting their presents from last year all over again!

If you have an iconic picture of you and your family from a Christmas past, consider getting a larger print made and having it hung up in the dining room for your Christmas dinner. If you want to use it year after year, a canvas print or enlarged poster print will stand the test of time which can be stored and become a staple Christmas decoration year after year.

Use Photo Prints to Decorate Your Tree

Decorating your Christmas tree is the moment Christmastime truly begins for many families. This is usually a big event in any home and a fun family activity that everyone can play a part in.

If you have been thinking about how to make your Christmas decorations for the tree more personal, you should definitely consider adding some family photos to the branches of your tree. You can also hang Christmas cards on your tree amongst the traditional tinsel and lights.

Personalised photo greeting cards are a fantastic way to celebrate Christmas, so why not create your own and then send them out to your friends and family?

Photo Prints and Gifts can Bring Christmas to Every Corner of the Home

Christmas decorations in the home are about much more than just the tree. Every corner of the home can be filled with the Christmas spirit and celebrate the joys of the holidays.

You can decorate the sofa in front of the TV or the chairs at your Christmas dinner table with cushions printed with your favourite Christmas memories. You can even use the cushions to help people find their seats at the table with a personalised photo cushion on their chairs - this is a great idea if you like to provide your dinner guests with a table gift!

A Christmas photo book can be a great addition to the living room. Having one of these on your coffee table at Christmastime is a great way to celebrate all of your family’s Christmasses, and can help people to remember the joy and fun from previous years while also showcasing the happy memories from the last twelve months. These personalised family Christmas decorations are particularly popular with distant relatives that may come to visit over the festive season.

Don’t Just Decorate Your Home, Decorate Your Family!

If you really want to get into the Christmas spirit, why not have some special photo t-shirts printed for all the family! You can have them ready for you and your kids to wear when you open your presents or have everyone at your Christmas dinner table kitted out for your family’s Christmas dinner. While some members of the family may not be as keen on this idea - they’ll have no excuse as it’s Christmas!

At Snappy Snaps, we also have your Christmas gifts covered. You can bring the joys of Christmas and family to your loved ones all year round with a photo calendar for the upcoming year, or a personalised photo mug to help stuff a stocking and give someone in your family a special snap they can enjoy every morning with their coffee

You can even use your photos to make personalised Christmas tags to give your gift wrapping something extra special this Christmas. Why not make some festive gift tags using some photo prints? You can use a Christmas photo of a family member on your festive gift tag to let them know the gift is theirs. It’s much more fun than a traditional tag!

Visit Snappy Snaps to get your photos printed

Christmas is one of the biggest celebrations of the year and the perfect way to bring the family all together. We hope we’ve given you some fantastic ideas of how to create personalised family Christmas decorations that will make your home look fantastic!

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