The time of year has arrived to send out Christmas cards to your friends and family. Picking the right cards can be difficult, but after you have made your choice you may feel a quick and simple Christmas greeting is not enough and a little impersonal to send to those closest to you. Luckily, here at Snappy Snaps, we are full of great ideas about what to put in a Christmas card! Whether you want to write a Christmas card letter or add a simple gift that will fit in an envelope, we have some excellent additions that anyone can make to their Christmas cards to make them more personal for your loved ones.

Add a Letter to Help You Catch Up

This is one of those Christmas traditions that has fallen out of favour in recent years, but we think it is overdue for a comeback. A letter is easily added to a Christmas card, and if you are wondering how to write a Christmas card letter then don’t worry, we have some simple tips.

Make sure your letter is positive. Even if you or your family haven’t had the best year there is still a lot to look forward to. Christmas is a time to celebrate and hope for a brighter future next year, so keep your writing light and optimistic. Don’t take the opportunity to brag either, as this can come across as insensitive to people who have had a tough time lately.

A Festive Family Photo is a Perfect Addition to a Christmas Cards

A picture can say a lot more than words. If you are thinking about what to put in a Christmas card, then you should definitely consider adding a family photo print.

The right picture can say much more than a letter can, and help keep distant relatives and friends up to date on how you and your family are doing. You don’t have to take a staged family photo either. Any great picture that you like can show people the love your family shares and how much you are all looking forward to Christmas.

Money is a Welcome Addition to any Christmas Card

Getting a Christmas gift to someone far away can be a challenge. Money is the perfect solution to this problem, especially if you are sending a card to a teenager or a child.

You can easily slip some paper money into a card and add a little note inside. You can say ‘get a drink on me!’ or ‘here is a little something to spend at the toy shop’. This is a great way to give some festive cheer to someone you don’t get to see often but still remember at Christmastime.

The Right Gift Card can be an Excellent Gift for Christmas

If sending money doesn’t feel like the right gift, then a gift card is a great alternative. You can find gift cards for popular stores and brands in most shops and they are easily slipped into a Christmas card envelope.

Teenagers and young adults can be hard to buy for, but gift cards let them decide themselves what to buy. By adding a gift card for Amazon, Apple, Google, or Snappy Snaps you give them lots of options to choose from. Most gift cards come in their own envelope or card, but you can enclose them in a photo print of you and them to make it a little more personal.

Discover photo gifts at Snappy Snaps

Deciding what to put in a Christmas card can be difficult, but hopefully, this little guide has made it easier for you. There is always lots to do at this time of year, and tips like these can help you make more time for what Christmas is all about; celebrating with your friends and family!

If you are looking for something more to send your friends or family this Christmas, there are plenty of other great personalised photo gift ideas at Snappy Snaps.

Personalised photo calendars are a great gift that people can use all year round. You can also send photo books or a personalised poster or canvas print of a photo through the post easily, we can even do it for you! Just use their details as the delivery address.

If you are looking for a final few stocking fillers, Snappy Snaps also have you covered. Why not give someone a personalised photo mug, t-shirt, or even a cushion with their picture on it as a gift this Christmas? You can find it all at Snappy Snaps!