Create a magical memento of your special year

Share your precious photo gems with family and friends by creating a beautiful 2018 photo book.

With the new year approaching fast, it’s time to turn your magical moments from 2018 into more than just a memory – and at Snappy Snaps, we can help you to create the perfect picture gift.

 Whatever made this year extra special for you – a milestone birthday or mega party, perhaps, a wonderful wedding or momentous anniversary; the holiday of a lifetime or a blissful short break; fab festivals and fun-filled days out – you can capture them all in our stylish personalised photo books.

Whether it’s a new-born baby or a student graduation in the family, awe-inspiring and exhilarating travels, a new home, a first day at school, a 21st or 100th celebration, we all enjoy looking back over our old photos and remembering the good times captured on camera. So why not transform the highlights from the past year into a precious souvenir. 

A Snappy Snaps photo book is a really thoughtful and unique gift for your children, parents, grandparents - and a great way to share your fun times with pals. You’ll probably want to keep your fabulous picture record of the past year on your own bookshelf too!

Professionally printed photo books can be easily designed using our simple online software - ideal for all, whether you’re a tech-savvy teen, a busy mum or dad or a proud grandparent. Just upload your favourite images from 2018 and start creating something really special.

Choose your very best pictures - the ones that make you smile most - and off you go. We have a variety of superb templates to get you going, then use your artistic flair and have some fun.      From the fantastic front cover, fill the photo book pages with an awesome display of your favourite moments from the past year.

Enhance your photos with our cool range of designs and a choice of background themes, images, and frames. Make it even more exclusive by writing your own personal messages and adding titles and tags.

To make it even quicker and simpler, use our clever auto-fill option to produce an impressive year book - it will pop your chosen pictures onto the pages, then all you have to do is place an order and collect your great keepsake gift in store. Don’t forget to order an extra copy for yourself too!

All our high-quality photo books are professionally printed and bound, and available in a variety of sizes. Precious memories from 2018 made to last a lifetime. Start creating your very special yearbook here.

To find out more, visit our Photo Books page or contact your local Snappy Snaps store.