New Year, New You! Soon it will be 2020, which means writing resolutions for the new year that some of us may or may not keep. 

Now’s your chance to sit down and prepare your New Year’s resolutions. Here at Snappy Snaps, we’ve decided to give you a bit of help, since only 8% of people stick with theirs. Here are some creative resolutions that you could do!

Travel More

One thing everyone always says they want to do in their life is to see the world. Make a list of the most realistic top 10 places you would like to visit and make it happen. Pack your camera and take some photos of that once in a lifetime experience. Don’t forget to turn them into personalised photo gifts for all your friends and family when you're back!


Start Remembering Important Dates

You don’t want to keep forgetting birthdays, anniversaries and other days. Why not personalise one of our calendars and jot down specific days to remember them.


Start Being More Creative

There are times when we get mentally fatigued and creativity goes out the window. If you need something to cure your boredom and have some photo prints scattered about why not read our Blog Post ‘Creative ways to display your photos’ to spark some creative thoughts.

fairy lights

Start Writing a Book/Journal 

A lot of people out there have an amazing story to tell, but no confidence to write it down. Even if it is just a few random thoughts or words. Why not partner them with photographs you’ve taken that relate to your thoughts.


Learn Something New

One thing you can learn is photography. We see something worth taking a photo of every day but only 2/10 times it will look good. So if you’re on your travels or just want to take the perfect selfie why not try and learn some basic photography skills.


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Don't forget to get all of your 2019 memories and turned into a personalised gift you can treasure forever!

Let's make 2020 the best year!