Ask yourself, how often do you scroll back through your photos on your phone? Reminiscing about those unforgettable moments is one of life’s great pleasures - that special summer holiday with your friends, or the weekend break with your loved ones. Whatever the moment, your memories are brought to life thanks to your smartphone, and with social media it’s easier than ever to share these moments with your friends and followers. But is that it? Do these special moments have to be resigned to your photo uploads on social media? At Snappy Snaps, we say no!
Introducing Social Media photo printing
Thanks to the improved quality of smartphone cameras – more megapixels, super settings and ridiculously good resolution – taking an excellent picture is now easier than ever. Social media platforms are helping too; filters and a plethora of post-production settings means you can share a near-professional looking shot in no time. With such good quality snaps, it’s no wonder more of us are printing our favourite social media snaps. Whether single prints or collages, Snappy Snaps can help you preserve those special memories by printing the perfect photo. In addition to image quality, it’s a matter of practicality. Sharing on social media is a great way to free up storage on your phone. So more often than not, the snaps you like the most are the ones you uploaded and shared. But why would, or should, someone consider turning their special snaps into a photo collage?

The many reasons why…
Looking for interior inspiration? Perhaps you’re struggling to find the perfect pictures of your friends, family and loved ones (including pets of course!) Unlock your phone, open up a social media platform and scroll to photos. Is there a particular memory that stands out? That night out, a special birthday break, family gatherings. Select your favourite ones - a bespoke collage of your favourite snaps on social media is meaningful, personal, and it looks amazing too. Looking for gift ideas? Social media photo collages are a great way to preserve and share unforgettable moments with friends and loved ones. Remember that day out with your mates, that weekend away with your partner, or those hilarious moments from around the office? A photo collage isn’t just a great gift idea – it’s a way to bring those moments to life - to live long in the memory.