Looking for tips on how to display photos in your home? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here at Snappy Snaps, we are pros when it comes to photos and curating the most beautiful photo display walls. While standard photo framing is still a popular choice for many, there are various other sophisticated and creative ways to display photos in your home.

Keep reading to see our top photo display ideas, which you can use the next time you're ready to show off your favourite pictures.

Make a photo wall

Photo walls are a simple and easy way to display your photos. Start by selecting your photos to print and choosing the size you want. Either place them in identical or mismatched frames or leave them unframed. You can then get creative with your photo wall.

Either hang all of your photo frames on the wall symmetrically or go for more of a collage theme and get inventive. Photo walls immediately take a room to the next level. Ranging in popularity with students to homeowners, photo walls are some of the top display ideas for walls.

Display your Moments that Matter

Nothing makes a house feel like a home more than displaying your memories for everyone to see. As we go through life, we take photos to cherish those special moments. So we should utilise these pictures where we can. A great photo display idea is to dress your home with memories.

There are many ways to display photos in your homes, from wall art to table settings and soft furnishings.

Table settings with a difference

Think about table settings for special events. You could print photos of special memories with loved ones and use these to decorate your table for the evening. This can add an extra special layer of thoughtfulness to your evening, showing your guests just how much attention you pay to detail. Also perfect for special milestones and seasonal events.

Light up your photos

Another way to display photos is to light them up! Now, by this, we don’t mean to set fire to them. Fairy lights make everything seem that little bit nicer and cosier, so try using these in your home. You can use fairy lights to display the people, places and memories that add a bit of light to your life.

Start by hanging some fairy lights on your chosen wall and use pegs or other similar hanging devices to hang your photos from the fairy lights.

Use shelves to your advantage

Another photo display idea is to dedicate certain shelves to photos. Start by ordering your prints and choosing the ideal location for your shelf.

Using shelves is a sturdy way to house a unique photo display, requiring minimal effort but ensuring you receive maximum benefits. You can stand your photos up against the wall, using the shelf as a stylish base for this. Mixing and matching different print sizes can also help you to bring a different element to your photo shelf.

Cover your home in memories

There are many ways to display photos in your home, regardless of what theme or interior colour scheme you are going for. There’s a whole array of photo display ideas available for you to choose from, from photo walls to canvases and dedicated shelves for you to line your prints on.

Allow us to brighten your home with our range of photo services. With endless ways to display photos, all you need to do is use our photo printing services, and before you know it, your home will be a real-life montage of your memories.