No expensive trips. No fancy camera equipment. These easy photo ideas just involve you, your home, and the camera on your phone.

Phone cameras are absolutely amazing things these days.

In 2022, most phones are jam-packed with jaw-dropping camera features to help you grab that perfect snap. There’s just one pretDon’t worry, you’re certainly not alone, so we’re getting those creative juices flowing with some phone photography ideas even beginners can try at home. That’s right, these mini photoshoots are so easy you don’t even need to leave the front door.

1. Experiment with shapes and shadows

Playing with light is one of the easiest ways to capture great photos at home. Simply look around the house and you’ll find a bunch of objects that create gorgeous shadows. Even simple household items, such as flowers, can be produce stunning shapes and shadows when light is used in the right way.

It’s all about positioning, and we recommend using natural light from the window whenever possible, since indoor lighting can make shadow photography a little tricky. Shadowy shapes are the perfect way to add some real depth to your photos, adding an awesome effect that’s definitely instagrammable!

2. Freshen things up with flowers

Now this photo idea will really help your photography skills blossom. Due to their vivid colours, flowers are obviously a great prop for photos - either as the main subject or an accessory to enhance selfies. Better yet, they’re really easy to use in all kinds of eye-catching ways.

You might want to lie in a bed of flowers, throw petals in the air or make a jaw-dropping flower crown. Whichever way you decide to use them, flowers will always add a splash of colour to your home photography, so it’s up to you to get creative and make those snaps really bloom!

3. Play around with mirrors

You might have the most boring home decor in the world, but mirrors can quickly make your surroundings look a lot more fun. Simple mirror selfies have been done for years, so we encourage snappers to get more creative with reflections to capture something truly unique and special.

Getting them into the perfect position might take a bit of time, but using multiple mirrors to create an infinity illusion always looks absolutely incredible. Though this will definitely depend on how many mirrors you have lying around the house!

4. Make a splash with water

Water can be used in all kinds of magical ways. Droplets and splashes look downright beautiful when captured in slow motion, but you might want to start off with some water photography that’s a little easier to pull off. These home photography ideas are for beginners, after all.

A popular technique is to show one of your favourite photos on a computer screen, and then spray water on a flat surface to create a beautiful reflection. An even easier idea is to fill a glass with water, add a few drops of ink, and then capture the stunning, swirling patterns it creates.

5. Play with your food

Let’s be honest, everyone enjoys a pic of some tasty food. Fresh, colourful fruit and veg can look particularly impressive, but it’s all about styling and arranging in the most beautiful way possible. Yep, the lighting, background and composition needs to make everything look tasty.

Whether it’s a flat lay shot of ingredients on the counter, an action shot of the cooking process or a funny foodie selfie, there are loads of easy ways to show off your photography and cookery skills at the same time. Check out our full guide on how to take good selfies for a bunch of other helpful tips!

6. Blow some bubbles

Bubbles are beautiful. The way they float and capture the light makes them absolutely perfect for some fun home photography, and they’re also an incredibly cheap prop to get hold of. There’s no breaking the bank here.

It doesn’t matter if you’re blowing bubbles in a selfie or trying to capture a gorgeous close-up of the swirling colours, bubbles are always an absolute blast to play around with. Hey, you won’t just capture some great photos, you’ll also feel like a kid all over again!

7. Throw stuff in the air like you just don’t care

There might be a fair bit of tidying up involved, but throwing things in the air always looks cool. Flowers, paper, fruit… it all looks incredible on camera when falling through the air, even if it creates a bit of a mess

Now, the most eye-popping photos will involve some Photoshop magic, but it’s not too difficult to pull off. In short, you can take multiple shots of the same setup, each with something flying through the air, and then use your editing skills to bring them all together in one master photo. It’ll be a whirlwind of flying objects!

8. Get creative with books

You know that jam-packed bookshelf sitting in your home? Yep, it’s filled with the perfect props for your home photography. From using them as selfie accessories to creatively rearranging them, your books can easily make your photos look incredibly cute and pretty indeed.

The classic selfie is to pretend you’re actually reading, with your face poking over the top of the book, while an open book always adds a cosy touch to any scenic shots. Either way, this is a super-easy way to get creative and put your phone camera to the test!

9. Adorable pets are the perfect models

This is an easy one. Your cute dogs, cats, or any other adorable pets always make great photos. Better yet, you can easily combine them with most of the other home photo ideas above to create the perfect snap of your furry friend!

Once you’ve mastered your home photography, you can turn them into stunning photo prints, wall art and gifts at your local Snappy Snaps! Such great photos shouldn’t get lost on your phone, after all.