A new year, a new you. Soon, you will take the time to write resolutions for 2019; your best year yet. While dropping a few pounds, quitting that nasty habit or changing your career path might be tricky resolutions to make stick, some resolutions can be easy, fun and rewarding, helping you to get the most out of life and live it to the full.

This year, we are aiming to capture more memories. Life is made up of lots of precious memories; times shared with loved ones, holidays, celebrations, travel and the joyful everyday moments that make you smile.

Scientific research by psychology professor Daniel Gilbert has shown that joyful memories, experiences and having something to look forward to makes us happy: ’Happiness is in the content of moment-to-moment experiences’.

We all remember that beach BBQ watching the sunset, our child’s first day of school, our last big birthday or our best friend’s wedding. Reminiscing those fond memories can help bring that special moment back to life, preserving it for years to come.

So this year, we are taking intentional time to live in the moment, to make more memories, and to take lots of photos to keep us smiling long after the event. Get inspired with our suggested list of notable milestones and occasions happening throughout the year that you will be sure to want to capture:

New Year


Start 2019 with a bang surrounded by friends or family at a New Year’s Eve party. Get your new resolution off to a great start by taking photos from those joyful first minutes of January 1st. Sprinklers, fireworks, costumes or photo-booth-style props make for fun and festive snaps you’ll want to print out and stick on your fridge.


Birthdays. Everyone has one, and it’s likely that you could get invited to a few dozen birthday parties across the course of the year. Parents, it is a great idea to document each child’s birthday so you can see how they have grown and changed over the years. Capture fun details like their favourite present, their birthday cake, their adorable outfit and get a nice family group shot so that one day they look back and laugh at Grandma’s fashion choices and their adorable cuteness.


We’re more likely to remember to use our cameras or phones on holiday. Whether it’s capturing the ‘Are we nearly there?’ moments or the first big splash in the pool, taking a few photos each day will give you a great selection to look back on and remember all of the meals, days out, stunning views and fun attractions that you visited. Photo books make for a great way to show off your photos when you get back home.

Children's Milestones

While their first smile, their first steps or their first day of school may be emotional to witness, these moments are beautiful memories to capture and enjoy for years to come. Take photos of special artwork or school projects that you do not have space to keep and compile them in an album or photo book.


Bells are ringing all over the UK as brides and grooms prepare to tie the knot. If you are allowed to take photos as a wedding guest, be sure to capture a few snaps for yourself. You might even find you capture the perfect candid shot of the happy couple that you could gift to them in a frame or as a canvas. As everybody has made an extra special effort with their outfit, weddings are a great time to get family group shots, where you are all guaranteed to look amazing.

Capture more memories this 2019. Preserve the moments you capture, print them with Snappy Snaps.