It’s hard to beat a good holiday or travel picture. They make for some of the best snaps to display around your home or office – and it’s an opportunity to remember that holiday of a lifetime, or the travelling adventure that you’ll never forget.

To help you gain some travel picture inspiration, we sat down with leading travel influencer Mollie Bylett, owner of @wheresmollie, to discuss everything from inspiration to printing and displaying the perfect travel picture.


Moments to remember: Mollie captures her trip in a Snappy Snaps Photobook

We absolutely love your photography; how do you manage to take such good shots? You must have some secrets to share?!
Thank you so much! I just love taking photos. I never studied photography, but I just loved capturing and keeping memories of things that made me happy. I think the secret to my photography is passion. I’m passionate about all the things I capture and finding a way to create the same warmth I felt in said location is where the creativity comes in. I want others to, in some way, experience the same magic I feel when I travel.

You’re well-known for your amazing action shots. What inspired you to start capturing these moments?
My brother bought me a GoPro before I went off on my second backpacking adventure, and so I took it with me. I only had a backpack, so I didn’t take another camera and was forced to explore it. I’ve always been adventurous, and the GoPro allowed me to always have it with me.

How much of your photography is planned in advance vs in-the-moment?
It is pretty much always planned. Shooting on the road is very time consuming so I like to go in with a plan. Of course, even when I’m on a work trip, I still take spontaneous photos.

Art of creation: Mollie creates a scrapbook of memories

Now, you get to visit some amazing places – but what makes the perfect trip?
Not having a set schedule (or a loose one at least). Lots of open spaces and mountains make for good pictures.
What advice would you give anyone looking to take the perfect travel picture?
Always have a camera of some sort with you, even if it's your phone. The perfect travel picture for me is the one that's going to bring back the most magical memories. You never know when these moments are going to happen and when they do, you'll want to have your camera with you.

How do you choose the right pictures to print?
I tend to print more photos from my phone and GoPro than I do my DSLR. My DSLR photos are more picture-perfect images, so perfect for a wall print or when blowing up big for a feature piece, but when it comes to my scrapbook or photo frames, I like the memories to be fun and personable. Like you're right back in the moment. These pictures tend to be taken on a phone / GoPro because the camera doesn't alienate the people in the image and so a more natural shot is captured.

How often do you print your travel snaps? How do you display them?
3 or 4 times a year I print off a selection of photos. When I first get them printed, I stick some on my wall and pop some on my desk / coffee table. After a few months I refresh the images with new prints and the old ones go into my scrapbook box. Inevitably they all end up in my scrapbook! It’s a great way to keep memories and it also makes a great gift for friends and family. I also have a few coffee mugs with photos on too. I love personalising day to day items - brings a little extra sunshine to your day, right?

What advice would you give anyone looking to print and display their travel pictures?
Use Lightroom (or a similar editing software) to bring out the colours and brighten any memories that didn't come out quite right raw before you print! Also, grab a hard drive and make a habit of putting your photos monthly into folders so that when you go to print off you have everything ready to go. Organisation is key when it comes to scrapbooks! You want to know where the photos are, or you'll be scrolling social platforms and giving up before you've even started!

Personalised Photobooks from Snappy Snaps

Lastly, what are your favourite travel Instagram accounts, and why?
@theblondeabroad and @chelseakauai for female bosses that inspire me with their creativity, honesty and love for the outdoors. @tezza and @samevanslife for creative travel inspiration and dream content.

Thanks Mollie.

You can follow Mollie at @Wheresmollie.

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