Photo Enhancement

Over time, photographs of your best life memories can become faded, suffer from sun and water damage, become creased, have finger marks and stains as well as rips and tears but all that can be repaired by Snappy Snaps with our photo restoration service.

Photo restoration is the art of restoring damaged photographs to their former glory; our digital imaging experts perform a high quality scan of your photograph and use the latest technology to create a brand new re-mastered photo without the damages.

As restoration experts, you will be amazed at how well Snappy Snaps can restore your image to its former glory; our digital imaging specialist will put your new re-mastered image through strict quality control tests so your restored photograph will be of the highest quality.

If you have a copy of a memorable photo that is torn or damaged in anyway, visit a Snappy Snaps store on your local high street and speak to one of our photo experts, they will scan your image and produce a quality copy for you, as well as return your original photograph.

Snappy Snaps offer other photo restoration services such as colourisation, a process which allows for an "injection" of natural colours into a black and white or sepia photograph.

So if you have old black and white photographs of your great grandparents, parent’s wedding or a recent photograph taken in black and white, Snappy Snaps can add colour in a subtle and sympathetic way to make it vibrant and full of life.

Also, if you would like to have a colour version of a set of black and white photographs, we can do this with colourisation.

Bring your old black and white photos to your nearest Snappy Snaps store and let us bring them to life so you can relive your precious memories in colour.