When we take photographs, we’re embracing the opportunity to snap a special moment and capture that memory forever. With a vast amount of photographs in your camera roll, it can be hard to know what to do with photos to free them from the confines of your phone. But there are so many creative things to do with photos beyond the traditional canvases and photo frames. To help you release your inner creativity, we’ve compiled 5 cool things to do with photos that will help you show off your happy memories. 

Idea #1 - Scrapbooking

If you’re looking for things to do with your photos, scrapbooking is a particularly popular choice. This creative thing to do with photos is particularly relevant if you have a large volume of photos to work with. 

Typically, scrapbooking preserves photographs by collating them together with media and craft materials, usually in a journal or an album. Photographs are often accompanied by event tickets, receipts, or personal diary entries to create a multimedia memory book. 

Getting started with scrapbooking is pretty straightforward, and you don’t need to spend a fortune. The essential things you’ll need to acquire include a scrapbook, printed photographs, and glue dots (or a similar alternative). This will allow you to fill your scrapbook with all your memorable moments with minimal fuss or effort. 

However, if you’re happy to spend extra time doing cool things with your photos, then you should invest in coloured paper, patterned tape and a range of stickers to add an extra layer of creativity to your scrapbook.


Idea #2 - Photo Bunting

Bunting is one of the most versatile decorations that is perfect for every occasion. Whether you’re looking to brighten up a room in your home, or decorating a special birthday for your best friend, photo bunting is bound to add a dash of colour to your space. 

You can use a selection of photo prints to create bespoke paper garlands that add a touch of class and personality to your decor, both inside your home and in the great outdoors. 

To create your DIY photo bunting, you will need the following things: 

  • A selection of your favourite photo prints

  • Multiple pages of card 

  • Pencil and eraser

  • Scissors

  • Hole punch (no worries if you don’t have one - scissors can be used instead!)

  • String or ribbon

  • Glue stick

So, now that you’re all prepped with your equipment, it’s time to get crafty by following the following steps:

  1. Decide how large you’d like each piece of bunting to be - it’s best to check the size of your photo prints to check they’ll fit. 

  1. Using your pencil, draw your chosen size of triangle directly onto the card. Repeat this step as many times as necessary to ensure that you have the right number of triangles to create your line of bunting. 

  1.  Once all of your triangles have been drawn, it’s time to cut them out carefully with your scissors. 

  1. Next, it’s time to decorate each triangle with your photo prints. You have two options here. If your photo prints are big enough, cut a triangle that matches the size of your bunting out of your photo prints so that each triangle is filled with one photograph. Alternatively, you can cut out different sections of your photo prints to create a collage on each triangle. 

  1. Once all of your photos have been cut up, stick them down onto your card triangles with your glue stick. The important thing is to make sure each triangle is filled with your memories! 

  1. After completing your triangle diagrams, it’s time to hole punch (or cut) two holes in the top corners of each triangle.

  2. Take your string or ribbon, and tie a loop at one end. Then, thread your string/ribbon through both holes on your first triangle. Make sure that your photos are facing you as you thread the ribbon up through the first hole, and down through the second hole of each triangle. After you’ve threaded through both holes, tie a little knot to keep the triangles in place. 

  3. Continue this step across until all of your triangles have been threaded onto the string/ribbon.

  4. Once you’ve finished your threading, tie another loop at the end of your string/ribbon.

  5. Now your DIY craft project is ready to hang in your required space!

Personalised photo bunting is one of the easiest things to do with photos, allowing you to celebrate special memories with your friends and family.

Idea #3 - Memory Wreaths

If you’re looking for an unusual way to display your photographs around your home, creating a DIY memory wreath could be the perfect thing to do with your photos. 

The premise of memory wreaths is simple: several of your favourite memories are mounted in tiny frames and positioned around a circular wreath ready for display. Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas, and they’re an excellent way to add some personalised chic to your home decor. 

All you need to create your own DIY memory wreath is the following: 

  • A plain wreath. For the best effect, use a wicker or grapevine wreath.

  • Photo paper

  • Dark floral wire/strong string

  • A selection of 2”x 3” photo frames.

To assemble your wreath, you need to insert all of your photos into the photo frames, attach them to the bare wreath using the wire and then adorn the wreath with any additional ribbon, gems or false flowers to complete the effect. If you’re creating a Christmas wreath, you could add some false berries, mistletoe and snow spray to add some extra sparkle. 

This creative thing to do with photos is perfect if you’re looking to display a range of photographs in a subtle, understated manner throughout your home. They also make fantastic homemade photo gifts

Idea #4 - Personalised Cushions

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to display your favorite images or a sentimental way to integrate your memories into the decor of your home, creating personalised cushions is an excellent way to bring your photographs to life

If you have some hilarious images of your friends and family, personalised cushions make a great gag gift that’s certain to make your loved ones smile. Maybe you have a close-up selfie of your best friend, or a photograph of your child fast asleep in bed.  

Alternatively, you may be looking to mark an important landmark in your life, like a first home or an engagement. This is the ideal opportunity to find the perfect throwback photo and immortalise it on the surface of a cushion. This creative use of your photographs is bound to inject some loveable personality into your soft furnishing choices. 

Use a photo printing service to transfer your favourite memories onto personalised cushions for a hassle-free gift, or to immortalise the special moments in your life that make you smile. 


Idea #5 - Photo Bookmarks

Every book enthusiast knows the pain of losing your place or having to fold the corner of your page to mark your progress. So, if you’re a book lover who’s looking for cool things to do with photos, photo bookmarks are the perfect solution. 

This DIY project is incredibly easy to pull off and only requires limited resources: 

  • Printed photos

  • Card

  • Gluestick

  • Laminating paper/contact paper

  • String/tassels.

Simply cut out your favourite section of the printed photographs, mount them on the card with your glue, attach your string or tassels, and finish by covering the bookmark in protective contact paper or laminating them.

So, if you’re wondering what to do with the photos that are piling up on your smartphone, this variety of funky, unique and creative DIY ideas are certain to provide the solution.

Whatever cool things you’re looking to do with your images, you’ll definitely need to get your photos printed, which is where Snappy Snaps can help! The best photo DIY projects always use high-quality images, so order your photo prints online with us today to kickstart your DIY photo projects.