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How to print passport photos in our stores

Follow these simple steps to enjoy professional passport photo printing!


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Get professional passport photos in an instant

No matter what you need, we’ll take passport photos that meet all the relevant rules and requirements. 

Printed Passport Photos

Take home physical copies of your passport photos, all printed in professional quality. You’ll need to include physical passport photos when applying via post!

Digital Passport Photos

Your passport photos will come with a digital ID code, which you can easily enter online when completing your online passport application. 

Baby Passport Photos

Get stress-free passport photos for newborns, toddlers and kids. We’ll make sure they’re comfy and relaxed, and patiently capture perfect photos.

International Passport Photos

Take biometric passport photos for countries all over the world. All photos conform to the new internationally agreed biometric standards.

Take passport photos you can trust

We take the stress out of taking perfect passport photos. No need to book - just visit your local Snappy Snaps!

Professional checks

Our experienced specialists always check if your passport photos should be accepted by HMPO.

Instant printing

We’ll take quick passport photos for you and print them out in just a matter of moments.

100% satisfaction

Preview your photo before it’s printed - and take another if you’re not happy with it!