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About Us

Snappy Snaps was founded in 1983 and has grown into one of the most recognisable brands in the UK. Snappy Snaps have a reputation for quality of service and excellent customer care. For over 30 years, our aim has been to satisfy our customer's photographic needs enabling them to relive and share their favourite photo memories with friends and family. We know our customers treasure photos of their baby's first smile, birthday celebrations, loved ones and family, and holiday memories; while businesses come to us for commercial photo products and professional photos, so we work hard to give them exactly what they want.
Our core service is the developing and printing of films in colour, black and white, slide processing and providing reprints and enlargements, along with all other photo and imaging services like photo scanning onto discs or printing pictures from digital files and cameras. We specialise in doing what we do best - photo retailing. That is how we win awards like the Amateur Photographer high street lab of the year. That is also how we gain and retain so many loyal customers. Snappy Snaps are innovators within the photographic industry which is why we are able to offer our customers more products and services on-site than most of our competitors.
Our use of the very latest user-friendly technology, supported by our quality control checks, means we can produce excellent photos every time. Whether it's one simple photo or the photo restoration of a damaged, treasured family picture, preserving images from old slides or a student's black and white photo project, a set of holiday snaps or a company's promotional material to fully personalised photo gifts, made while you wait; Snappy Snaps can produce quality photo prints you will be happy with, every time.