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Passport and Visa photos for any country while you wait

Snappy Snaps can take passport photos and visas for any county just check with our advisors regarding your particular specifications.

We have been taking passport photos for over 30 years so our professional passport photographers know the regulations regarding passport photos and visa application photos for any country in the world.

Check your specifications below.

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If you don't want your visa photo rejected by an embassy or passport photo rejected for having the wrong dimensions or background, visit your local Snappy Snaps store and we can take your passport photo while you wait.

Snappy Snaps can produce international passport and visa photos at any size, on any colour background. You can have the standard white background, red background for Indonesia passport photos, blue background for Malaysia and Tanzania passport photos, among others; we also produce passport photos in colour and black and white.

We do all types of passport photos; we do baby passport photos and passport photos for toddlers. Our professional passport photographers have the experience and patience to make the process as stress free as possible.

Snappy Snaps passport photos are also biometric so you'll have no hassles with image regulations. We make sure that whatever the nationality of passport or visa photo you require, they conform to the new internationally agreed biometric standards.

Review your photo before we print it.

At Snappy Snaps you can review your passport photo to make sure you are happy with it before it is printed. If you're not happy, we'll take another one for you.

Don't risk getting your passport photo, visa photo for an embassy application or biometric photo rejected, visit your local Snappy Snaps store and let us take a passport photo you will be proud to use for years to come.

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