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Photo Enlargements

Photographs hold the key to the greatest times of our lives. From new arrivals to the family, to milestone birthdays and fairytale wedding days - all too often we commemorate the big moments, but let the little things pass us by. With our large photo printing service, you can make every memory a ‘big moment.’ Don’t let your memories pass by, have large prints at the heart of your home.

Large photo printing

When it comes to printing your moments that matter, sometimes bigger is better. Unsure how big is too big? Pop into one of our many Snappy Snaps high street stores, where one of our experienced photo advisors will be happy to advise.

Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching main feature or to have a sentimental photo resized, our large photo prints are certain to impress. If you have a special memory that you want to share with friends, family, and anyone else who will listen, a large print is sure to be a talking point at the centre of your home.

High quality large prints

At Snappy Snaps, we offer bespoke sizes to suit all your photo enlargement needs. We produce large photo prints not just from digital sources, but also from traditional film, old slides, and old prints.

Our expert print specialists will work with you to meet your size requirements, also cropping and enhancing poor quality images to achieve the best results every time. We offer a wide range of photo sizes, from standard to large prints. Dreaming big? We can even print your photos as a canvas or poster.

A bespoke and specialist service

It can be easy to crop, edit and resize photos nowadays with digital photography and clever smartphone apps - but hope isn’t lost if you only have an old print or traditional film. If you have a vision, we want to help you achieve it. With over 30 years of experience in large photo printing, our team can resize your beloved pictures and retain their quality. Large photo prints also tie in perfectly with your home decor, so that you can relive your fond memories every single day.

Frequently asked questions about large photo printing

How do I order large photo prints?

Firstly, select the Snappy Snaps store that you would like to order from. Customise your large prints with your preferred finish and the delivery method that suits you best. Whether you prefer to collect from a local store or have your prints delivered to your door - the choice is yours.

What size can my photos be enlarged to?

We offer standard large prints up to 12 x 18 inches, or if you fancy something bigger, choose from our range of posters and canvases.

Will my photos lose their quality when enlarged?

We’ll never compromise on quality here at Snappy Snaps. When your photos are enlarged, we take extra care to not only preserve but enhance every detail, so that your memories are just as magical as you remember.

How much does it cost for large photo printing?

Our large print service varies in price, depending on whether you opt for a standard large print, canvas, or poster. Prices are also determined by your chosen size and finish, but we have affordable options available from £6.

What additional large photo print formats are available?

If you really want to show off your moments that matter, we have extravagant canvases available up to 60 x 40 inches, and posters ranging up to size A0. No dream is too big for our Snappy Snaps photo specialists!