Have you booked your holiday abroad this year? We all know the British weather can make your dream of sitting by the pool in the hot summers sun. Whether you want to spend time in the warmer climates or battle out the winter weather, one thing you need to do when travelling outside the UK is to keep your passport updated. 

Filling out your passport application can be time-consuming and draining, as well as getting your passport photo renewed. Snappy Snaps offer in-store professional passport photos both in digital format and in print. Our highly-trained photography experts know what to look for when taking your photo to ensure it meets all of the required guidelines. 

UK passport photo requirements

When applying for a new passport you will need to provide two identical printed or digital passport photos (sized 45mm by 35mm). These photos need to be recent and should have been taken within the past month, even if you feel as though your appearance has not changed since your last passport. 


Your photos need to be printed to a professional standard and should clearly show your full head and upper shoulders against a plain cream background. Alongside the photo quality rules, there are also several requirements as to how you should look in your passport photo:

  • You are required to look forwards, facing the camera head-on. 

  • Your facial expression should be neutral, so resist any temptation to smile. 

  • Glasses should be removed, and your eyes should be open and visible.

  • Do not allow your face or eyes to be covered by your hair or anything else.

  • Do not have anything covering your head (unless for religious or medical reasons).

  • Do not have any shadows on your face.

With the strict government guidelines that have been outlined for passport photos, getting a professional to help out should be considered to guarantee your application will not be rejected. Visiting your local Snappy Snaps is a great way to ensure you get it right the first time.

Passport photos with Snappy Snaps

Passport photo printing at our Snappy Snaps stores is quick and easy. We have over 30 years of experience in taking passport photos and are knowledgeable about the required standards. Staff are trained to take high-quality passport photos for all ages having the patience and experience to photograph small babies and toddlers.

Have your photos in a matter of minutes, with our quick printing process. We also provide digital ID codes to make online passport applications easier. In most instances, you are able to walk into your local Snappy Snaps store and have your photo taken with speed and ease.


While in-store, why not consider getting a family portrait as a special gift for yourself or a loved one? Our photographers offer a relaxed environment to capture beautiful photos in our in-house studios. Whether you’re looking for fun smiles for all the family or to meet the requirements of the passport agency, our Snappy Snaps photographers are able to meet your every need.